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These are some of the jobs we do.

snacks (pop corn) nylon made by latolak prints

Agricultural Mulch

The mulch film with different combinations of layers, thicknesses and widths as well as coatings have various properties to suit specific growers' needs, specifications and crops. These films have many different advantage to suit a wide range of purposes including: moisture protection and water conservation, weed control, root development, modification of microclimate in plant and soil environments, substrate for plants and fruit, pest attraction or repelling, prevention of fertilizer dilution. Hence, making sure we have every option available to our customers.
carrier bags by latolak prints

Carrier Bags

Singlet Carrier Bags

Shopping bags can be extruded to the exact thickness, size and colour as per the customer's requirements. We can then print up to four different colours on each side of this film. This film can be supplied either as a roll or cut into individual pieces. After being cut, the style of handle can then be chosen as per your requirements; whether this is a simple "D-Punch" or make your bags a "Singlet Bag." Gazettes on either side or the bottom can be implemented to give you a more compact expandable bag.

sachet water nylon made by latolak prints

Sachet Water Nylon

LD nylon for sachet water.

Latolak Prints is one of Nigeria’s leaders in the manufacturing of pure water film (nylon). With machines using the latest technology working at record breaking speeds, we have the capability of meeting whatever pure water packaging needs the customer might have. We offer three grades of film; normal, premium and super premium, all with their various benefits.
shopping bag made by latolak prints

Green House

Greenhouse films sometimes referred to as agricultural plastic is used for protecting your crops from the harmful UV radiation constantly being emitted by the sun. Available in a maximum width of 6 meters, this film can be made to any length as per the customer's preference.
bottle-water made by latolak prints

Bottle Water Label Design and Print

We design and print bottle water label in Nigeria. We custom make labels that have helped many companies increase their sales manifold. Be it a start-up or an SME, our labels provide that ‘little extra’ that every business is looking for.
ice bags made by latolak prints

Ice Bags

  • Made to pass through cold temperature.
  • Full container loads.
  • FDA certified for food interaction.
black bag made by latolak prints

HD Plain Black Bags

  • Made for grocery shopping, restaurant carry-out and convenience stores.
  • Full container loads.
  • T-Shirt Bags
  • Comes in different sizes & thickness.
shrinkable nylon made by latolak prints

LD Printed Shrinkable Nylon

  • Shrinkable film: ideal to pack meat, cheese and fish.
  • Extraordinary contraction properties.
  • Tear resistant.
  • Excellent sealing properties.
die cut bags made by latolak prints

Die Cut Bags

Biodegradable additives available Full container loads Handle with extra strength. Print: up to 8 colors. Perfect for jewelry, souvenirs, and much more. Custom print available!
plain carrier bags made by latolak prints

Plain Carrier Bags

  • Made for grocery shopping, restaurant carry-out and convenience stores.
  • Full container loads.
  • Biodegradable additives available.
bread nylon made by latolak prints

Bread Nylon

BOPP Printed Nylon

No matter what colour your logo is, how intricate your design is or what the size of the bread you bake is, at Latolak Prints we can give you clear, well cut bags for you to package and sell your bread to your target audience. We are known for consistency and quality of supply.
Laminated Packages made by latolak prints

Laminated Packages

Used for snacks, candies, noodles, frozen food and more! Outstanding seal strength and excellent slip Good flatness and dimensional stability.
chips nylon made by latolak prints

Chips Nylon

BOPP nylon for chips

Latolak Prints offers the film for packaging one of Nigeria’s most famous snacks, which can be customized as per the customer’s desires. Whether you wish to print on the film or leave it clear, and label in other ways, the choice is yours.
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